Wilder returns to the pitch

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder has agreed to get back on the pitch to form part of a Blades Legends team to help raise money for the Once Upon a Smile charity.

Some money will also be used for the Sheffield United academy as well.

They were opposed to a team of TV stars and other celebrities comprising of actors Danny Miller and Antony Quinlan as well as actors such as Mirallegro, Ben Davies, Callahan and Boa among others. Dean Smith from the BBC and Jake Quickenden was also part of the team that represented Once Upon a Smile charity.

The Blades legends teams comprise of players such as Chris Morgan, Agana, Michael Tonge, Michael Brown and as previously mentioned Chris Wilder.

The Blades team managed to win the game 5-3 with goals from Brown and Tonge. On the other side, it was Danny Miller who was among the scorers for the celebrities.

Chris Wilder said that it was important for him to be part of this team as this is a way for him to give to others what he has received through football. He said that it was a big pleasure for him to play on the pitch and he hopes that his contribution will help many people.

He said that there was a friendly atmosphere on the pitch and that everyone was enjoying themselves for a good cause.

Concerning next season he said that he would be working on strengthening the team and he has already identified areas where the team will need new players. He said that he will be discussing with the chairman about potential new signings and that at the same time he does not want to disrupt the team spirit by bringing too many players. He said that he would be looking to promote some new players from the academy as well.