Peter Coates takes Pride of Stoke’s 10 Year Run in English League

Peter Coates reckons that the fact that Stoke has been able to keep itself in the English top tier for 9 years in a row and is nearly certain to do that for the 10th year as well gives him a lot of pride.

As per Coates, the promotion had not come easy for his team at all. It was a result of hard work for many, many years. To make it to the top with that much of hard work and then to sustain the pressure at the top for this long a period, he finds it extraordinary and wants to congratulate everyone who has been involved in the process.

The Potters had to remain out of the top tier action from the late eighties to the mid two thousands and then it was eventually towards the end of the two thousands that they found their way back to the Premier competition and have not had to face demotion ever since despite remaining one of the candidates for demotion at the start of every season.

The venue of the next top tier match of Stoke City is White Hart Lane. It’s the last time that Stoke would be playing at that venue under the name White Hart Lane because it is going to go through a reconstruction work and will be given a new name.

Coates says that it’s always painful for the owners to make such moves and he knows it because he himself has been in that position when Stoke had opted for a new venue under his chairmanship.

And not only the owners, in the opinion of Coates, it’s painful for the other people as well who have followed the game through their lifetime because everyone develops an attachment with the historical venues.