A charity football match themed after a town, which so far, has raised no less than £10,000 is returning.

This time around, the legendary former Blues will go head on against each other.

Football fans have been given the chance by the Ipswich Town Legends to grace the same pitch with legends such as Titus Bramble, Russell Oman, Kieron Dyer and Matt Holland in recent years. Funds raised from this has been used to support the ITFC Academy and West Suffolk Hospital’s Forget-Me-Not Dementia Campaign, one run by My WiSH Charity.

The public has paid to play against the legends, or for a few lucky ones, to share the same dressing room with their heroes.

This year’s edition, will be held on the 23rd of April, at the Bury Town’s Ram Meadow. Half a dozen legends are expected to grace each team in order to ensure a competitive and charitable encounter.

Director of Academy sales at Town, Simon Milton, was quoted as saying,

“The ITFC Legends match has been a great event to co-host and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported it in the past.

“For the 2017 version, we wanted to do something a bit different. So everyone will get a chance to share a dressing room with a set of legends and fans will be given the opportunity to see some of Ipswich’s most famous old faces lock horns against each other. It will make for a great spectacle, whether on or off the pitch.”

Fans will be able to place a bid on which team they would play in, and players are guaranteed at least one hour of football during the match. Players and supporters alike will be given the opportunity to talk and meet with legends.