12 thoughts on “Umbro Goes Behind The Scenes At Soccer Aid 2012”

  1. Mr. Fitch playing football!! HAHAHA his accent sound almost arabic. It gets
    me everytime. But if I am watching this video is beacuse of the flawless
    Sergio Pizzorno 2:18 why he wasn’t interviewed? 🙁

  2. The track in the background is the cold one hundred, and the song is on to
    the next one. Check them out! They are great, you won’t be sorry!

  3. Umbro a great Manchester Partnership with City !!! Manchester City and
    Umbro go together like Fish ‘n’ Chips !!!

  4. looool So we can add McAvoy squeezing his temple, staring intently at Mark
    and muttering “the point between rage and serenity” for hours to the list?

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