25 thoughts on “Soccer Aid 2012 – Olly Murs Smashed by Jaap Stam”

  1. he played football, he wanted to become professional in it but couldnt play
    anymore after he got injured so SHHHH

  2. i dont get why u are even commenting, ur just wasting ur time, and olly is
    awesome and funny:D

  3. actually no he didn’t, he stayed down in an attempt to claim a free kick if
    ur too retarded to see. only when he realises that it was not going his way
    did he get up…

  4. Classic Jaap Stam… He doesn’t take no shit, probably doesn’t like his
    music either 😛

  5. My bad. “Tebowing” is named after an American football player w/ the
    surname of Tebow. When he makes a touchdown (scores for his team) he bows
    down and prays to God (no joke). So “tebowing” at random places became a
    trendy lil thing to do.

  6. fucking hell its football it wasn’t even a hard man tackle stop watching
    football if you know nothing about it

  7. I have little to no respect for sports in my country, but European football
    I can get used to. American football players use their hands more than
    feet, and “soccer” makes no sense. I do enjoy tebowing on occasion.

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