25 thoughts on “Soccer Aid 2012 Full Match”

  1. So a girls logic is football is shit, put a pop star there and they fill
    out WEMBLEY….

  2. GK: David Seaman

    Ben Shepard
    Jeremy Kyle
    Boris Johnson
    Russell Howard

    Olly Murs
    John Bishop
    James Corden
    Ashton Merrygold

    Jamie Redknapp
    Emile Heskey

    This would/will be my Soccer Aid squad.


  3. This is how football should be! I will be going to see the next one! When
    there is no money involved and it is all for fun it is such an enjoyable
    game to watch… Fair play to them!

  4. what about nestle going in robbing all their water google this shit thanks
    4 upload in hd do :)

  5. The premiership is amazing, best league in the world in fact. But I would
    love to watch this week in and week out. it’s what football is all about, a
    game where every one is having fun even if some are better than others. How
    on earth is Will Ferrell any good at football?!! He looks like a former
    division 3 holding midfielder!!

  6. Terry Sheringham = THUG.. He’s an ex-pro footballer in a charity event
    DELIBERATELY clatter a celebrity (AND VOLUNTEER) in Gordon Ramsay..

    No matter how Gordon behave in front of TV, this is a CHARITY EVENT..

    Shame on Teddy

  7. It’s funny how Will Ferrell is actually a better player than Michael

  8. Pizzorno is a legend Pizzorno rescue rock music Pizzorno scored a legendary
    goal Pizzorno, surely, made thousands of pound for Unicef Pizzorno is best

  9. I’m playing in soccer aid. because its funnyer to play football then to
    take some of my freaking millions and a ticket to where ever u want and
    help – by building a shool of my own! hypocrisy (like normal) …but apart
    from this – i r liked the game!! just would like to c the farell dance^^

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