Louis Tomlinson playing football for charity

Video Score: 4 / 5


Fuck off 1D ya fucking bellend and fuck you Celtic, scum and last of all
fuck you Lennon ya ginger twat UP THE GERS

I hate that stupid screaming bitchies which just comes to this match
because there was that guy who cant play even 20 minutes of that match.
They ruin this!

Was I the only person who watched the match then went and signed him in
Football Manager?

I love how it gets all quite then as soon as Louis gets the ball everyone
screams! Haha

Am i the only one screaming with the girls while watching this ?? *-* XD
<3 <3 <3 come to Greeceeeee <3 

I enjoyed calling Louis a cunt at that game, think he heard me 🙂 CUNT CUNT

Haha my Lin your comment about his ass in the soccer short is so like
irrelevant to the other comments about hate and him being gay and he did it
for charity and just seeing that made me crack up