24 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson’s charity football match Liam Payne Harry S”

  1. Lol at 1:33 Harry stares at someone in the crowd it was me cause I stuck my
    middle finger up to him!

  2. What a major turnout…you doncaster directioners are like the bomb!!!!! No
    no no, just no! Support Louis and his Charity Football Match people!
    *shakes head*

  3. if you guys can see me but i dont think so xD i was standing in the left
    corner and i was in the st line ughhh the boys were HOT <3 .. it was a such
    an amazing day ..

  4. Niall just being the irish snowflake that he is and acting like a little boy

  5. Wow I feel bad for Louis. He really wanted to raise all this money, and the
    doncaster directioners didn’t even fill up one side. wow just wow.

  6. i imagined a thousands of people there, doncaster directioners: you may
    have done better

  7. Niall…… I mean come on…. There’s never a dull moment with him… Gosh
    I love him!

  8. doncaster directioners. I love the directioner family but cmon. u guys.
    louis really really really wanted to raise that money. u could’ve done a
    shit load better.

  9. I was there,but we left early we didn’t know this was going to happen so we
    waited outside for the boys for like an 1 hour,when we finally decided to
    leave Harry drove past us in his range rover;D best night of my life x

  10. Wow….if I had the chance to be there, I would have made it a priority.
    Not an opportunity.

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