24 thoughts on “Liam Gallagher Charity Football 1996”

  1. Yes it is Robbie. Unfortunately “eviltimeban” assess people by appearance ..

  2. I was talking that judging people by the way they look like is rude and
    just ridiculous…You (for no fuckin’ reason) started to talk about Robbie
    and how stupid he and his music is… So your logic is shit…becouse I
    havent said any word about Rob…

  3. Really I didnt wanted to say that but you’re such an idiot…It’s my
    business who I like and noone will tell me why I shouldn’t. It’s not my
    business about who he said this, even if it’s Robbie and I’m his fan. I
    don’t care. It’s just so rude and ridiculous to judge people by the way
    they look like -,- Now a minute of silence please..Just for idiots like

  4. I don’t expect you to realize how little sense your comment made, but:
    Talking about how judging people by the way they look made no sense,
    because the first guy didn’t JUDGE robbie. He called him fat. The reason I
    saw you as a robbie fan is your PHOTO, MAYBE… So no, my logic is not shit.

  5. I’m learning english by myself for few months. I’m from Poland and I don’t
    know what’s the problem. I just said that guy is rude by judging people by
    the way they look like and you’ve got a problem with it?

  6. Then who the hell were we talking about? The first guy said “lol robbie is
    fat”. He didn’t say Robbie is stupid because he’s fat. He didn’t say Robbie
    is mean because he’s fat. He just said he’s fat. Your logic is shit and
    you’re a moron.

  7. And you’re still idiot…want to say something and embarass yourself more?
    Oh well…you can’t more…

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  9. Robbie Williams = Fat Fucker Liam Gallagher = Robbie Dead! 😉 let’s hope LG
    does us all a favour

  10. Well unless you’re 5 years old or you came out of poverty recently, you’re
    the idiot, not me. I’m from Eastern Europe too and I’ve been learning
    English by myself all my life. Looks like you couldn’t catch it as well.

  11. But I’m not here to quarrel about how bad/good is my english! I don’t care!
    I’ll write the point of that all again becouse you have no arguments and
    you’re trying to change the point of that discussion! I SAID THAT GUY IS
    everything about me becouse I said that. If he would say that about Liam I
    would get mad too! Don’t you understand?

  12. And you still like him for being handsome. …or you still just like crappy

  13. So do you. You like him cause you think he’s handsome. …or you like shit

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