25 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers Charity Soccer Game – AC United vs Bilbo Real (Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo)”

  1. Nick likes his ladies classy not desprate, mostly naked grinding in married
    men with her tongue out.

  2. *really have that much time to practice and everything, but I’m a twelve
    year old girl and my soccer team is much better than them, and we play on a
    much bigger field with bigger nets

  3. there is a picture of a kiss on the internet but some people say just on
    the cheek… .either way it is a sign of affection

  4. si se encuentra con una vieja tendra sus 60 anos o 70 anos eso es vieja
    ademas a nick dice que le gustan las mujeres 21 para arriba hasta los 37
    anos mujeres asi son jovenes

  5. so there are Demi’s Exes on same team and Demi’s friend on the opposite
    team…Hmh, so Nick must give Joe and Wilmer lessons to learn…hehehe!!
    just kidding!!!

  6. Go nick and Wilmer who cares if your not even on the same team your the
    best looking people out there

  7. haha you are a bitch and 9 years old sweetie you better shut up jealous

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