25 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney on Sergio Pizzorno Wonder Goal (Soccer Aid 2012)”

  1. Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno scores a stunning goal for the Rest of
    the World team against England’s David Seaman at Old Trafford.´╗┐

  2. you know what your right. Instead of calling up people like wayne rooney
    who have been playing football there entire life to play for England. Why
    dont we just play whatever minor celebrity is willing to show up. We will
    win the euros in no time!!

  3. i loathe robbie williams with the passion of a thousand burning suns, what
    a fucking twat. they way he speaks it like hes a fucking football pro.

  4. “That’s probably the best goal I’ve seen at Old Trafford in probably the
    last 5-10 years..I’m serious”.

  5. Would you believe that’s him between Robbie Williams and Dermot O’Leary?

  6. As a ‘keeper I find it easier with those kind of shots, when they come off
    like this it’s almost impossible to save, but it’s a difficult finish to
    pull off, when players blast it, it just gives the ‘keeper less reaction

  7. His dad’s an Italian…and if I’m right in thinking he actually supports
    Italy in international games

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