25 thoughts on “Soccer Aid 2012 Will Ferrell,Mike Myers,Gerard Butler,Woody Harrelson Pre-Match Interview”

  1. Soccer Aid is one of the few things that actually gets high profile

  2. Why don’t we get any of this coverage in Canada? Seems like a pretty big

  3. Fuck off Butler, ‘Old Trafford’s the most famous ground in the world’,
    BULLSHIT!! Not as famous as ANFIELD!

  4. high king bacchus lol 2012 nah 2011 you suck like liberal douchebags

  5. As a fellow scotsman, I can honestly say that Gerard Butler is a complete

  6. Don’t know why there all obsessed with Roy Keane like he’s the best ever
    Irish player or something he was good but he was No George best or anything

  7. Does anyone know that Woody Harrelson’s biological father was a convicted

  8. it felt like he got STABBED by a BREAD KNIFE.. hope he knows that they are
    rounded off at the end.

  9. that was roy keane. giving everyone a bit of attitude. that’s what
    ‘something something something’. a bit of a kick up the you know what. know
    what i’m saying? will’s the best though: i don’t know what james just said.
    but that was roy keane. he’s a badass… lmao

  10. I also didn’t know what James said but i played his part again just to hear
    him talk. Hahaha!

  11. “That was Roy Keane. giving everybody a bit of attitude. That’s what this
    dressing room needs, a bit of a kick up the you know what, know what i’m

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