20 thoughts on “Soccer Aid 2012 TV Advert”

  1. Ed Norton is a fucking god. What happened to Ramsey was bullshit, there was
    no need for that tackle and the cunt who did it didn’t get sent off for it!
    3 mins stoppage time? Bullshit. If it had been 1-0 at the end they would
    have added 20 mins stoppage time.

  2. Veremos un buen partido de futbol. Que ganen los mejores. Felicidades por
    hacer que esta recaudación vaya a parar a los niños necesitados del mundo.

  3. Those washed up attention seeking chest pumped morons should have been made
    to pay £4,000,000 each to play and get there little bit of PR for whatever
    horrific product they have coming out. Seeing Olly Murs representing a
    hamster in a vets practice would be too much for that wobbly faced idiot,
    let alone representing his country & a charity, but he’s such a good dancer
    and I think he sings too, but he loves footie hahaha oh the fun we have on
    this tepid planet ♥♥♥♥

  4. It seems more like a vanity project than charity work, a fairly untalented
    entertainer living out a chldish fantasy with the added bonus of seeming
    like such a lovely guy for raising money for dying people or poor people or
    malnurished cats or something oh who cares theres the guy from JLS. I read
    they raised around £4,000,000 even though there were 75,000 people in old
    trafford, they had free airtime on britains commercial television station,
    and all the phone donations.

  5. Yes Robbie Williams is not a good entertainer…….. As for it being a
    vanity project this is anything but that they are putting there status on
    the line.

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