25 thoughts on “Soccer Aid 2010 Penalty Shoot Out Part 2”

  1. Ricky Hatton: The UK Best WW Boxer can play soccer. BTW he scored on a PK..

  2. I initially thought that Theakston’s peno was a bag of bollocks, but the
    replay at 6:54 shows it was a foot away from being literally the perfect
    penalty… unlucky son

  3. Rather icy reception for RoW players…Good to see they were all such good
    sports though. And who is the blonde talking to Woody before he takes his
    shot? Is it Nicky Byrne?

  4. Socmel82 you’re trying to tell us that you have never heard of olly murs or
    Ricky the hitman Hatton do you live in a cave somewhere away from society 

  5. Mr. Zidane is not only one of the best of all time in soccer but he is also
    the best in helping the poor. Great job Mr. Zidane. I think this is the
    way all sports should look at when former players, retired players or
    veteran players get together and play a fun game, meaningful game and the
    game that they once loved and played. God bless these gentlemen and keep
    them healthy so they continue to help others..

  6. i don’t know a single one of the England’s penalty takers… Are they

  7. are you angry that no one outsides Canada gives a shit about hockey? You
    should be grateful for that, the only way that Canada can be the best in
    something is if no country except Canada gives a shit about it. LOL:

  8. if u were talking about football in general well then i totally agree and i
    take back my other comment…

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