25 thoughts on “Soccer AID 2010 FULL MATCH england vs rest of the world part2”

  1. Larrson zidane figo…if ronaldo was there that would of been so
    epic…brazil ronaldo of course :L

  2. I want to see Iker Casillas as a keeper for the Rest Of the World sometime
    in the future! 😀 YAY DAMIAN LEWIS!

  3. @ss3gokuownz Of course the Eng formation is better than the current one
    because it is coached by Harry Redknapp.

  4. @Gaminglord12 It’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget it! 😉

  5. Half of the celebs are good enough to play professionally e.g Ben shephard,
    olly murs , damian Lewis and Ralf Little ! haha

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