25 thoughts on “Soccer AID 2010 FULL MATCH england vs rest of the world part 1”

  1. 2010’s UNICEF “Soccer AID” match.

    The only time you’ll ever see Ryan Giggs and Mike Meyers in a game
    together. Also notable is Gordon Ramsay playing full back.

  2. @Tiyong55 ronaldo still plays football for his homeclub he couldnt play tbh
    not allowed to incase he gets hurt

  3. Its good to see Zinedine Zidane and some other legends back in action after

  4. yh a professional ex footballer wacked his leg even tho its for charity

  5. The weirdest commentary I’ve ever heard: “Olly Murs, taking on Gordon
    Ramsey…” hahaha!

  6. @Cheungstackzrulez this is a charity match, with celebrities and football

  7. it hardly seemed fair with ROW having a current top premier league player
    in their team

  8. this match shows why kenny dalglish is shit. putting a striker in center
    back *facepalm*

  9. It’s more excititng watching celebrities play becuase they actally run
    around alot and tackle not just stare at the ball and kick it if it so
    happens to touch their foot

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