Roy Hodgson: ‘’England would host a fantastic World Cup’’

The 67 year old English manager of the England national football team, Roy Hodgson believes that England have what it takes to have a successful World Cup.

England’s Roy Hodgson said: “I know we will get a World Cup again and I know one thing: when the World Cup comes here it will be a fantastic experience because the passion for football in England is still second to none. Football sells everything in this country. We are a football-mad country in the same way that Italy is and Brazil is.’’

Boris Johnson is a British politician, former journalist and current mayor of London. Boris is one of the latest figures outside of the world of football to have revealed his opinion concerning England hosting the next World Cup as Boris said that his country is ready to host it and they are still willing to do it in case Russia is stripped away from this privilege.

The mayor of London stated that if there is a re-run made, London stands ready for the possibility of becoming the new hosts.

“All we can do is watch events, send whatever evidence we have to the Americans, and live in hope. And if the Swiss police indeed show that the 2010 contest was corrupted, then it will have to be re-run. London stands ready.” Boris Johnson wrote in his Telegraph column.

Whether or not an actual re-run and another bidding process is established, the priority right now of FIFA is to establish their new president and from there on out everything else can be sorted out and discussed.

The resignation of Sepp Blatter is a huge blow for Vladimir Putin and the Russian government who were not expecting to have this much pressure from hosting the 2018 World Cup and with the support of Sepp Blatter all of this pressure would have disappeared but since the Swiss administrator resigned, there is a real possibility of Russia being stripped away from their rights of hosting the next World Cup and England are quickly turning into favorites as they have everything that is needed in order to pull it off even if it’s on a short term notice.