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United States Football team doing great Performance

The United States men’s national football team made a huge accomplishments months ago when the American side managed to slip into the knockout stages of the 2014 World Cup as they edged past Portugal and secured the 2nd spot of Group G.

JurgenKlinsmann and his squad were later eliminated after losing against Belgium but it still was a memorable and important feat that they were able to do and now Klinsmann has outlined some of the plans and things that he is thinking about doing in 2015.

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Football Aid 2011 Liverpool Game 2 Intro

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Russia is going ahead and according to plan

Even with all of the concerns that have been rising in relation to the 2018 World Cup in Russia and their problems with Ukraine as well as many other things that have been going around, inspectors of FIFA have stated that Russia is actually ahead of plans and things are going well.

The head of the committee of inspectors Chris Unger said:

“As we heard today, everything is going according to plan, which is great news for everyone,” said committee head Chris Unger, whose delegation has visited stadiums in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and two arenas in Moscow. ‘’Everything is going according to plan and on the whole, the FIFA delegation has been pleasantly surprised with what they have seen. My first impression: this is an excellent venue’’

The previous edition of the World Cup was held in Brazil and it was continuously being pressured and critiqued for the speed that the Brazilian construction workers had to complete the stadiums and there even was a few deaths of workers which died due to incidents which occurred in stadiums due to the quick fashion that everything had to be completed.

However, in Russia things are different as Chris Unger said that everything is going ahead of schedule and everything should be finished smoothly without any major difficulties or troubles.

Chris Unger is one of the top officials who are overseeing all of the preparations that Russia is doing and he is optimistic about everything that is being done.

There is however, a problem with racism which is trying to be avoided by Russia when the 2018 World Cup kicks off. An recent example of this racial problem can be evidenced by CSKA Moscow having to host Manchester City in a Champions League match on an empty stadium due to racist behavior by their own fans.

Another racial incident that occurred not too long ago was the defender of Dynamo Moscow, Christopher Samba who was banned for 2 matches by the Russian Football Union after having raised his middle finger to fans after having received monkey chants.

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