25 thoughts on “One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Vomits During a Charity Football Match”

  1. Can everyone just shut up? If you don’t like him so much, why did you click
    on this video? He did it for charity you pricks! And everybody throws up,
    it doesn’t make you a coward. He hurt his knee, show some mercy! He is
    a semi-professional football player, he know his stuff. God, some people
    these days just get on my nerves! Just shut up!

  2. Hope on caca – Yep, he played just somethink like 15 minutes of this
    FRIENDLY and he was completly dead. That is why he was vomit. So yea, he is

  3. All that happened was he drank too much Gatorade and he was hurt. If you
    couldn’t tell, the puke looked like Gatorade. He was fine. I still love my
    boo bear!!!

  4. King Kenny literally 10 feet away from him. Just looks down haha thats

  5. I’m guessing it was all the sperm in his stomach from all the cocksucking
    in the dressing room he did at half time that made him sick also running
    about like a girl oh and getting decked by a professional footballer that
    made him sick….just a guess

  6. Here is to all those people who call him a selfish dick and that he’s
    doesn’t care about anyone but himself, umm this happened at a charity
    event. He was at a charity event! He didn’t do it for money in fact he
    didn’t get paid at all! All the money he raised went to that charity! Um I
    don’t think any of you have done even a quarter of the nice things he has
    done for people. So how about you get up off your ass, stop criticizing
    people who do nice things and and get a fucking life!! 

  7. I once broke my shin playing football but that still has to hurt…I mean
    it was a professional athlete

  8. he threw up after his tackle how pathetic, I twisted my ligament twice and
    tore the same ligament and didn’t throw up

  9. Woah. All these comments are disgusting. Louis done this for charity, he
    does not have time to train so of course he isn’t going to be the best.
    Leave him alone. 

  10. I hope tgey didn’t let him leave the stadium till he cleaned the entire
    pitch, on his own, with a toothbrush. ….IN THE DAARK………TWICE.

  11. Oh that sucks pukeing it doesn’t matter if u did cuz everyone pukes anyway
    so yea

  12. Aww poor Louis, he got his knee injured and he vomit. All this for charity.
    He is literally perfect…

  13. So, now vomiting is something that thing that makes you a pussy? Haven’t
    you ever vomit?

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