9 thoughts on “Football Aid 2009 – Goal of the Season”

  1. A, the Villa player, no doubt (completely unbiased Villa fan opinion here)
    haha but the Portsmouth one was a beauty too!

  2. Crystal Palace goal is amazing! That player should be in the Prem. his
    first touch was class!

  3. Thanks for the support Super360Cast we hope you enjoyed your experience at
    Fratton Park. Hope you voted for Michael in the competition!

  4. Goal N was actually genuinely brilliant…a real cracker. I like how the
    opposition goalie applauds the goal in the females match at the end!

  5. what league are these from, i mean they obviously arent professional but
    their playing in pro stadiums.

  6. @cros1eyfie1d This isnt profession football in england, its charity. look
    up man u vs chelsea or somthing?…

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