Cricketers coming out for Charity

The big names of Cricket and the movie making industry of India came together for charity as they played a soccer match against each other in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra yesterday.

The match was taking place just for collecting cash for those in neediness, but, it was not as if the celebrities were just jogging around and waiting for the 90 minutes to finish.

It was played in all seriousness and while, the quality of play from both the sides was below average, the competition level was not much lower than where it would have been in any professional Football game.

All 22 on the ground were fighting with full energy and spirit even though there was nothing at stake and it showed their professionalism. They wanted the audience to have their money’s worth

The Star TV presenter, meanwhile, talked to the substitutes from both the camps on the side lines and tried to find some information about the soccer skills of those who were on the ground.

MS Dhoni got good ratings from the Cricketers as everyone was unanimous in the opinion that he had better soccer skills than any other member in the team.

The tag of the worst soccer player was given by all to the off spinner Harbhajan Singh.

Zaheer Khan, who was managing the Cricketer’s team, even jokingly said that for the welfare of the team, Harbhajan had himself made the decision that he would not play and remain outside.

Harbhajan in reply showed an angry face to the manager and said to the presenter that some people actually dislike him and that’s why, they’re rating his skills low.

It was all banter between the good friends and everyone laughed.

The fun continued through the night as 4 goals came in the match, 2 from each side, making no team the winner.