25 thoughts on “Zinedine Zidane Vs. England (Soccer Aid 2010)”

  1. If I were only 5 years older I’d have seen Zidane, ronaldinho and Ronaldo
    in their prime

  2. numbers of world cup’s 1 – 0 – 0, if scoring more goals means the most and
    the most assists means 2nd, then buffon should never have a balon d’or, and
    zidane wouldnt be in ur stupid argument,

  3. i came here to see Michael Schumacher playing football but when i saw
    Zidane, i began to see Zidane’s videos ^^

  4. A LOTTERY? they won it in 1998, won the euro in 2000, then got to the final
    which they lost on pens in 2006, they demolished a spain team which had all
    the barca passers and alonso as well as villa and torres near their best,
    please stop responding zidane is the best PLAYER not the best goalscorer

  5. 1. People who say stats aren’t relevant often get proved wrong by them. 2.
    The position Zidane, Ronaldo and Messi play are irrelevant when discussing
    who is the best ever in any and all positions. Messi creates more goals
    than Zidane … you know play making. Also being the top scorer.

  6. Look at the current Argentina back four. If getting over 70 goals and 20
    assists a season isn’t leading a team they spank me and call me charlie. He
    got 9 in 9 for Argentina too.

  7. He plays a type of football that has become extinct now. You could mention
    xavi,iniesta,pirlo,silva,ozil,mata,snijder and people who have seen Zidane
    play will tell you that NONE have that mixture of calmness, class, vision,
    and even finishing that this man had. He played a type of football that
    visioned everything in slow motion.

  8. … and for the last six years France haven’t got past the group stages. So
    if Zidane was at his best in that time it would have been very different.
    You cannot show any objective facts that you are correct. I can point out
    that Messi scores more, assists more and is generally a much superior
    player. Taking Zidane at his best I would rather play against him than
    Messi now … ANYDAY. If we are going on international then Xavi and
    Iniesta beat Zidane.

  9. 4:20 one does not simply tell Zindane to get up… One is told sit down, by

  10. who ever thinks different, never seen him play xD

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