United States Football team doing great Performance

The United States men’s national football team made a huge accomplishments months ago when the American side managed to slip into the knockout stages of the 2014 World Cup as they edged past Portugal and secured the 2nd spot of Group G.

JurgenKlinsmann and his squad were later eliminated after losing against Belgium but it still was a memorable and important feat that they were able to do and now Klinsmann has outlined some of the plans and things that he is thinking about doing in 2015.

“There’s a lot on our plates, but I think the biggest lesson we can take from 2014 is that we are catching up with the bigger ones, we’re developing more and more talent, and still we have a way to go. It will be definitely the goal, to win the World Cup, many years down the road’’ JurgenKlinsmann said in a video released to media by U.S. Soccer.

The American side will be competing in the Gold Cup in this year and Klinsmann stated that he would like to lift this title with the team.

Besides winning the Gold Cup, there is another plan that Jurgen Klinsmann wants to accomplish in this year and it’s about focusing more on the development of younger players into the squad.

“We will have about eight to 10 Olympic team players in the January team camp just to come with the senior group, just to try to start building them already. Then obviously we have to work out an agenda for them, a calendar for 2015 that really gets them off to a good start.”JurgenKlinsmann added on.

Klinsmann is going to assemble a January camp for domestic-based players that will help promote the youth system for his team as those younger performers have a better chance on getting into the senior squad and compete in the major international tournaments.