25 thoughts on “Soccer Aid 2008; England goal 3-3; Danny McFly crosses the ball to Alan Shearer,”

  1. My dad was even amazed about how amazing Danny is at football. Bloody good

  2. you wont even see some professionals do that. hahaha bolton should sign him
    lol. how sexy is he? xx

  3. I thought it would a flop cross that hits Row Z lol that was my assumption
    haha man, what a quality cross and a fantastic header by shearer.

  4. Omg why can’t all guys be like Danny?! Cute, funny, kind, and multi
    talented…They should include him in the England 2014 world cup team..

  5. why wasnt danny man of the match… πŸ™ danny was flawless… can we sign
    him to manchester city please and put him on the england team….
    woooooooooooo. go dannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. if danny gets kicked out of mcfly he can be a pro footy player instead!
    only jokin lol

  7. Danny always wanted to either be a music artist or footballer… at least
    now he has the REAL experience of a REAL live football match!

  8. same old shearer allways scoring.what a player he was in his prime the one
    of the 3 best striker i ever saw a long with the first ronaldo and thierry

  9. i find it funny that soccer aid england team is better than the proper
    england team >.<

  10. danny was actaully amazing faur play what a player! Lol =) .. man of match
    by bloody far! x

  11. I’m on about a Westlife nobody and the worst TV host in the world you
    fucking lowlife.

  12. Ah I remembered this when Danny Jones single handly helped to let his team
    win! πŸ˜€ He should be in the next Soccar Aid just for that! πŸ˜€

  13. What a CROSS! What a FINISH! Lol Amazing goal! Woop. Danny + Football =
    Amazing πŸ˜€

  14. Danny Jones should have won man of the match, not just for that, but he did
    so much for the team. Even the commentators said that Craig David shouldn’t
    have got it. Go on Danny!

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