In the heat of Sunday afternoon’s abysmal first half display against Sheffield United, Man Utd academy products were relied upon to drag a point away from home and ensured that the Red Devils’ aren’t further embarrassed than they’ve already been since the season began.

Andreas Peirerra was substituted as Greenwood, 18 came up to equalize the score line 2-2 and on the 79rd minute of the hour clock, United’s marks man Marcus Rashford volleyed in a clinical finish which set the Red Devils for another win, but unbent by the turn of events, Sheffield mustered some bit of courage to equalize 3-3 at the brink of the game.

The sale of RomeluLukaku to Inter Milan has always been a deal in the making ever since Ole came back to United as a coach. His inability to however find an adequate replacement has so far jeopardized Man Utd’s scoring chances this season with Anthony Martial particularly proving that Deschamps was right to ostracize him from the French national team.

Promising academy sensation, Greenwood has had an impressive having scored in 3 of his four appearances for United in the league and he got handed down his first league start in the match against Cardiff City.

The academy graduate helped United claw back some dignity before Marcus Rashford handed the Red Devils’ what they thought would seal the afternoon’s three points. A last minute goal from Sheffield however put an end to such dreams.

Ole juxtaposed the first 70 minutes of the encounter with the embarrassing prowling of Everton after they beat United 4-0. But later insisted that his boys kept their calm and were able to draw level back and went ahead before Sheffield were able to share a point with the former EPL champions.